Updated cloner3 install, and HPL settings.
[bootimage-initfs.git] / manifest
2012-04-25 Kyle Sheumaker Updated cloner3 to working state
2012-02-07 Kyle Sheumaker Fix an issue with parted on partitions without filesystems
2010-04-02 Jason D. Clinton Add the previous two directories to the manifest for ...
2009-11-02 Jason D. Clinton Add Billy's requested EDAC counting scripts
2009-04-22 Jason D. Clinton add a good defaults file for mke2fs
2009-04-21 Jason D. Clinton Update manifest to include the cloner scripts on install.
2009-04-17 Jason D. Clinton Add skeleton directories for cloner mounts and update ...
2008-07-17 Kyle Sheumaker Remove cloner files from install manifest
2008-07-17 Kyle Sheumaker Removed breakin from this project and into breakin.git
2008-07-09 Jason D. Clinton Add ssh home dir.
2008-07-08 Jason D. Clinton forgot to update the manifest for HPL
2008-07-01 Jason D. Clinton Make /proc and /sys and don't distribute Makefile and ...
2008-07-01 Jason D. Clinton Add install method and makefile