descriptionRoot filesystem for bootimage
ownerAdvanced Clustering
last changeTue, 25 Sep 2018 21:18:40 +0000
2018-09-25 Kyle Sheumaker Updated to support blkid output w/ LABELs ... master
2018-09-24 Kyle Sheumaker Better checking of when a kernel is installed for dracu ...
2018-09-24 Kyle Sheumaker fix uuid detection to search through all devices that ...
2018-09-24 Kyle Sheumaker added support for setting IPMI network and user/passwor ...
2018-09-24 Kyle Sheumaker 1. Check to see if imsm is enabled if there is an imsm ...
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker Updated uuid_fix to make uuid symlinks so grub2-mkconfi ...
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker move from busybox blkid to util-linux one
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker More fixes for uuid
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker Updated manifest
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker Updated uuid fix for bug fixes
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker added uuid_fix to rewrite the fstab and mdadm.conf
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker Updated prep_disks to support imsm RAID arrays
2018-09-12 Kyle Sheumaker Merge branch 'master' of ssh://intranet.corp.advancedcl ...
2018-09-12 Kyle Sheumaker Updated modules_other.conf to include uas kernel module
2018-06-05 Kyle Sheumaker Updated installer to deal with efi file
2018-06-04 Kyle Sheumaker Add support for fat filesystems (for EFI boot partition)
4 years ago master
7 years ago paul-minor_cleanup