descriptionThe top-level build environment for bootimage; this is the master project
ownerAdvanced Clustering
last changeMon, 3 Dec 2018 17:22:01 +0000
2018-12-03 Paul Kenyon Version bump: breakin update (cef3697d) - breakin.dat ... master
2018-09-25 Kyle Sheumaker Updated version to pull in new bootimage-initfs that ...
2018-09-24 Kyle Sheumaker Version bump for new bootimage-initfs to fix dracut ...
2018-09-24 Kyle Sheumaker Trigger rebuild for uuid fix when multiple devices ...
2018-09-24 Kyle Sheumaker Updated version to rebuild with support for setting ...
2018-09-24 Kyle Sheumaker Updated version to trigger rebuild with new bootimage ...
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker Revert to busybox blkid
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker Remove udev blkid and use one from util-linux instead
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker trigger rebuild for bugfix in bootimage ...
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker Trigger rebuild for new bootimage-initfs packages
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker Fix another silly mistake
2018-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker Updated to fix mistake in udevrules locations
2018-09-20 Kyle Sheumaker Fix path issues with udev
2018-09-20 Kyle Sheumaker Added udev rules needed for md devices
2018-09-20 Kyle Sheumaker Start of version to support Intel RSTe RAID
2018-09-14 Paul Kenyon Incorrect kernel parameter for sshpasswd in ipxe templates
3 years ago master
3 years ago kyle-centos7-kernel
4 years ago paul-centos7-kernel_fork_from_kyle
5 years ago kyle-kernel_4.4.35
5 years ago kyle-kernel_4.9-rc8
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