descriptionThe ncurses-based Breakin-UI; shows temps and usage
ownerAdvanced Clustering
last changeTue, 15 Jan 2019 21:23:26 +0000
2019-01-15 Kyle Sheumaker Update to fix building master
2018-12-18 Paul Kenyon Set VERSION in Makefile
2018-12-03 Kyle Sheumaker Merge pull request #2 in BOOT/breakin from paul_breakin ...
2018-12-03 Paul Kenyon [re]writing breakin.dat is now an atomic operation ... paul_breakin-dat-atomic-write
2016-06-17 Kyle Sheumaker Fixed ipmi handling to ignore values that aren't integers
2015-10-16 Paul Kenyon minor typo
2015-10-15 Paul Kenyon Merge pull request #1 in BOOT/breakin from feature ...
2015-10-15 Kyle Sheumaker Added comment in source
2015-10-15 Kyle Sheumaker Fixed so Q is always bigger than P
2015-10-15 Paul Kenyon Added hpl_calc_pq to clean target in Makefile
2015-10-15 Paul Kenyon Added hpl_calc_pq to all target in Makefile
2015-10-15 Kyle Sheumaker Added hpl_calc_pq - finds the matrix size automatically ...
2015-09-25 Paul Kenyon Added breakin screen refresh capability with F4
2015-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker removed debugging info
2015-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.advancedclustering ...
2015-09-21 Kyle Sheumaker Fixed hpl_calc_n for big numbers
3 years ago master
3 years ago paul_breakin-dat-atomic-write
5 years ago paul-breakin_dat_race_condition_fix